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That's a Plenty!
  (BR 150 008)  
Our Bestseller. Jazzy, sassy and
a bit cheeky, done with class!

Con Eleganza
  (BR 100 245)  
Being classic...with elegance!
The most beautiful baroque
and classical arrangements.
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5 Klassiker
  (BR 100 251)  
The most famous original
compositions. A "must" for
every brass-player (or fan)!

Hommage à Jan Koetsier
  (BR 100 263)  
We honor one of the great
maestros of our times.
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5 aus 49
  (BR 100 270)  
A world premiere: four
concertos for brass quintet
and symphonic orchestra.

Faites vos jeux!
  (BR 100 017)  
Back to our roots:
entertainment at its best.
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- no strings attached -
  (BR 100 109)  
Music for strings,
played by brass.

Mills & More
  (BR 150 022)  
featuring Fred Mills (former
member of Canadian Brass)
as soloist und arranger.
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Das literarische Quintett
  (BR 150 023)  
Greetings from
Till Eulenspiegel, Don Quixotte,
Mowgli and Baloo.

B a c h
  (BR 150 024)  
Bach, Bach and Bach
(also contains pieces
from earlier CD's)
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Frohe Weihnachten!
(BR 150 027)  
with soprano, baritone, choir,
church organ, drums a.s.o.

Modern Times
  (BR 150 029)  
jazzy - sassy
at it´s best
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zip-file 480kB
(BR 150 032)  
from the
ZKM Karlsruhe

Mozart rennt
  (BR 150 034)  
for the 250th anniversary
of Wolfgang Amadeus
with Eva Lind, soprano
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